why“When a baby is born, we rejoice. When a couple is married, we celebrate. And when someone we love dies, we pretend nothing happened.” ~Margaret Mead

Since recorded history, mankind has been holding funeral services for their dead. Still, we occasionally hear people make off-hand comments about what to do with them when they are no longer with us.

Perhaps those who make such comments do not realize that they are robbing their family and friends of something critically important: a celebration that a life that has been lived. While we regularly hear people express regret for not having a service, we rarely, if ever, hear families say, “We shouldn’t have bothered with having a service.”

Ultimately, a service offers an opportunity for the living to say goodbye, express their grief over their loss and to find support among their family and friends. That’s why a funeral service is not so much of an event for the dead as it is an essential process for the living.