• Bring in the favorite songs of the deceased and have our funeral home staff play the music during the visitation and/or funeral/celebration of life service.
  • Bring photographs to our funeral home and they can be attached to a “memory board” for the visitation and funeral service. A multimedia slide presentation, accompanied with music, is also appropriate for a service. We can help arrange for a video memorial.
  • If your loved one had a favorite hobby or hobbies, feel free to bring such items to the service. A fishing pole, a special quilt or afghan, beekeeping equipment, a golf club — whatever best expressed the interests of the deceased — should be considered.
  • If your loved one had a favorite scripture reading, poem or inspirational reading, let the staff at Longview Memorial Park know and they can incorporate the reading into the service.
  • Written tributes are always welcomed and appreciated. Touching, memorable and humorous stories about the deceased’s life always enhance the service and allows all in attendance to truly “celebrate a life lived.”

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