optionsWhen cremation is chosen, the following options are available:

Option #1: Traditional Cremation Service — Cremation following a traditional or contemporary service in our fireside chapel or at a church. This option includes having a viewing prior to the service and having the body present at the service. The difference is that instead of going directly to the cemetery for burial, the body is taken to the crematory. Burial can then follow a few days later.

We offer a “rental casket” to be used prior to cremation. This casket is utilized for a visitation and/or a funeral with the body present, reflecting a traditional service. After all selected services are complete, the interior of this casket is removed so that cremation may take place. Click here for more information.

Option #2: Celebration of Life / Memorial Service — Cremation followed by a “Celebration of Life” service (some times referred to as a “memorial service”). The body is not present at this type of service. The family can decide whether or not to display the urn at the service. Click here for more information.

Option #3: Direct Cremation — Cremation without a viewing or a service. Click here for more information.

What about having “no service”?

You should give serious thought before choosing not to have a service. A simple service, either religious or non-religious, is the doorway to healing for those who are experiencing a loss. Remember, the value and benefit of a service is for the living not the deceased. Giving your family and friends a time to lovingly reminisce and say “good-bye” is the greatest thing you can do for them.