Following the service and cremation, an appropriate final resting place at Longview Memorial Park may be selected for your loved one. We offer several choices including placement in an indoor or outdoor niche, ground burial in an urn garden.

Cremated remains may also be divided upon proper request from the family with portions being placed into “keepsake” urns and jewelry for family members to keep and treasure. The remaining portion can then be placed using any of the following methods:

Cremation Choice #1: An Indoor or Outdoor Niche

What’s a Niche?

Indoor or outdoor walls constructed of various-sized compartments — known as “niches” — are uniquely designed to hold urns containing cremated remains. Besides coming in a variety of sizes, niches also have different “fronts,” which are usually made of glass or granite.

Along with an urn, a special family photo, personal memorabilia, keepsake item or seasonal decoration can be placed inside to further personalize the niche. Longview Memorial Park alone offers Clark County residents a popular indoor, glass-front niche arrangement.

celebrationLongview Memorial Park’s glass front indoor niches come in several sizes and styles to accommodate individuals, couples, and families. Outdoor niches are available in both single and companion-size. Whether you prefer an indoor or outdoor niche, you will find that our prices are very reasonable.

The Benefits of Choosing a Niche at Longview Memorial Park

Personal: The unique design of a niche invites solitary contemplation and becomes a peaceful gathering place for family and friends to fondly remember their loved one.

Convenient: Our indoor, glass-front niches offer comfortable, year-around visitation. Our Fireside Chapel is available for memorial services as well as “celebration of life” gatherings.

Rose Urn Garden

Rose Urn Garden

Cremation Choice #2: Ground Burial

Burial of cremated remains is available in one of our urn gardens or in a full-size burial space. Cremated remains may also be placed in a grave space already used for a casket interment.

Longview Memorial Park offers a variety of granite and bronze memorial choices uniquely-designed to commemorate the lives of those who opt for cremation burial:


twoThis distinctive cremation arrangement makes perfect sense to many people because it offers the simplicity of cremation as well as providing a permanent place for family and friends to visit and reminisce.

This popular package includes cremation burial space for two in a cremation garden, perpetual care, companion bronze memorial, two built-in urns, bronze patrician vase, granite base and interment charges.

Cremation burial arrangements for individuals as well as other budget-friendly cremation burial packages are also available.

It’s wise to carefully consider the consequences of disposing of cremated remains because the scattering of cremated remains is irreversible. If not given serious consideration, scattering can deny a family and its future generations of a permanent memorial where the life lived can be recognized, remembered and honored.

For that reason, we have created a dedicated, scattering garden that honor the wishes of those who prefer scattering while also giving their family and friends a specific location to gather and reminisce.

A number of scattering garden memorials — including a unique selection of heart-shaped and oval granite stones — are available for placement in one of our scattering gardens.