At Longview Memorial Park, we believe that a life well lived is also a life worth permanently remembering. A memorial should forever mark the burial space of your loved one. Utilizing our years of experience in identifying quality and value, we have partnered with a highly respected certified memorialist to offer a large selection of markers, upright monuments and monubenches in many colors and designs.

We offer memorials for all budgets and all price ranges and include lettering, dates, and the foundation, if required. We also offer you the opportunity to view a computer-generated rendition of your marker or monument. We do this to ensure the accuracy of your memorial while allowing you to see the design for your total satisfaction with every detail.

Whether you desire to place a photograph, scenic design, or a simple design, trust Longview Memorial Park to provide a lasting, personalized memorial that your family and friends will be proud to visit.

These photos are a few samples of the possibilities for memorialization in granite. Whether you desire a simple memorial or a custom upright monument, our staff can assist you with the colors, sizes, shapes, and wording needed to complete a unique tribute to those who will forever be in your hearts.